Chemistry - the study of matter and its changes.  If you understand chemistry, you understand the world.  Chemistry has been my one true love since my first day of chemistry class in high school.  Although all areas of chemistry are fascinating, inorganic chemistry is (in my opinion) the best discipline within chemistry because it includes a little bit of organic, a little bit of physical, a variety of analytical techniques, and is a spectacular application of biochemistry.  Inorganic chemists are the multitaskers of chemistry.  We rock.  In addition, transition metal complexes are beautiful.

Education - I teach chemistry at a regional state university in the upper midwest.  As a college-level educator, I once again get some of the best parts of all worlds.  I get to share my love of chemistry and review fundamental concepts in General Chemistry, and I get to explore more in-depth material in upper-level classes and research.

Media - As part of my position as an educator, I have explored a number of media outlets to reach out to my students.  Blogs, videos, online material... they're all great ways to convey information and they're kind of fun.  I'm certainly not an expert in any of these media fields, but I'm finding a niche.

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